Friday, October 31, 2008

A Must See Halloween Horror Movie Called….”The Chosen One”

Here is a little about the movie. Every American is about to decide if they want to see it (actually, not only Americans, but illegal aliens, bums, kids, the starting line up for the Dallas Cowboys, just to name a few more).

A community activist gets elected to the United States Senate and very soon after launches a campaign to become President of the United States. The liberal, left wing media instantly falls in love with the good looking and charismatic speaker, who has brilliant speech writers. He never provides details to his plans to “change” America, but simply pitches “change” itself. The American people become mesmerized and do not question anything about the Presidential hopeful. Because of their blind fascination with the rock star type icon, they completely ignore his close and personal associations with a known terrorist who bombed the Pentagon, as well as a “spiritual advisor” who screams racism and hate from the pulpit. They ignore his past interest in Marxism and his belief that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” He prey’s on the American people’s disdain for ineffective government and their inability to decipher the difference between America and the government that controls America. Soon, he has come to be known as “The Chosen One.”

Are you scared yet? Oh by the way, no matter how scary this gets, you can’t leave the theater. Oh sure, there are other movies playing at other theaters, but they are even worse. You have to sit this one out.

Not only does The Chosen One get elected as President, his political party gains 9 spots in the United States Senate for a total of 60 needed seats to block a filibuster from the opposing party. Now, the left wing liberals control everything. Now unopposed and uncontested, the liberals launch more social give away programs in the history of the nation, further securing their plan to grow their voting base by allowing people to vote themselves money from the wealthy. They kill their nemesis and only consistent, historical conservative communication conduit called “talk radio” by passing the so called “Fairness Doctrine.” To further crush political opposition, the President appoints the key Commissioner for the FCC so his party will control ALL communication in America, not just radio. During the course of his Presidency, he has the opportunity to appoint THREE very liberal Justices to the Supreme Court. Of course, they sail through the confirmation process since their party controls the proceedings. Now, the liberals control absolutely everything!!!! They control the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government! Everything!!! They begin to seize wealth and even property for redistribution to the masses. No one can rise up against this oppressive regime because the liberal controlled Supreme Court previously re-interpreted the 2nd Amendment and no law abiding citizens were allowed to have guns any longer.

Go ahead and scream!! Just try…..try harder! Nothing comes out! You are trying to scream, but nothing comes out and no one can hear you!!!!!

This movie has not yet been rated, but is not recommended for wussies, bed wetters, liberals, or anyone without a spine, guts, or resolve. If you fall into the 40% of Americans that do not pay Federal Income taxes anyway, you still need to see this movie because they will come after your income after the resources from the evil rich have been depleted and they choose to stop earning income to redistribute to everyone else.

It is coming. When you wake up and open your eyes on November 5th, The Chosen One will be there watching you!

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