Friday, July 18, 2008

Terms that Drive Me Nuts! (Part 2)

Climate Change – This term is a beautiful reinvention from the hip and cool term “Global Warming.” As it turns out, the meathead environmental nut jobs began having a hard time a few years ago when evidence from all sides proved the earth had actually cooled slightly in recent years. Never mind that humans are not causing a darn lick of any of it (hot or cold). This presented quite a dilemma for this anti-capitalistic scam of a movement called “global warming.” Accordingly, the term “climate change” was born. If you think about it, this is pretty smart on their part. They can never be wrong. Of course the climate is going to change! And yet, millions of Americans are drinking the climate change juice like it was Budweiser at a NASCAR race. The only fact here is that the earth is about 1 degree warmer than it was 100 years ago. That is it….no more facts beyond that other than a ridiculous documentary from Al Gore that is riddled with proven lies, falsehoods, and flat out fabrications. The rest is anecdotal at best. Yes, I know….so called “scientists” have theorized it is being caused by man, but there are many of those scientists that will openly admit they have no proof. Don’t forget, so called “scientists” are also strapping fart meters to the backs of cattle to figure out the level of greenhouse gasses they are pooting (not putting) into the atmosphere. You have GOT to be kidding me! Seriously! Check it out here.

I guess man caused that little thing called the Ice Age also right? Hey, maybe that theory about a meteor causing the Ice Age is wrong after all. It was probably caused by dinosaur farts! Although virtually ignored by the liberal media, there are scores of other scientists that will tell you that it is absolutely NOT being caused by man, but rather just one of many cycles that have occurred naturally in the earth for gazillions of years. In fact, there are over 31,000 scientists who have signed a petition debunking the theory of man made global warming. Click here for the list. Of course, you will not hear anyone in Hollywood or the liberal media talking about this list unless it is to try and discredit it (which is a badge of honor in my book).

Dr. William Grey is a well known tropical meteorological research expert for over 40 years who has dared to speak the truth about the global warning hoax as evidenced in this recent article (click here for the article). Granted, the entire Atlantic and Caribbean coastal communities hang on his every word just prior to hurricane season each year, but the liberal media does back flips to bury him when he speaks out against the global warming hoax. This esteemed and decorated scientist can predict within 50 miles where a hurricane is going to make landfall 72 hours before it hits, but he doesn’t know a thing about global warming?

Another key figure in calling out the global warming hoax is the founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman. Follow this link for a summary of his comments to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce late last year. This is a very good summary of his views, which are based upon FACTS.

Follow this link for a very thorough and in depth presentation of John Coleman’s educated and factual views, which are untouched by the liberal media.

Does anyone remember that load of bunk in the 80’s about the ozone layer deteriorating and we were all going to die? When was the last time you heard about the ozone layer? I guess since the government outlawed Freon and we all started using pump hairspray that big hole in the ozone built itself back up right? Give me a break. Don’t miss the fact that banning aerosol hairspray single handedly ushered in the death of 80’s big hair bands. It just isn’t the same watching a heavy metal band rock the house and head banging with a bald cranium. Oh well, just like the ozone hoax went away and came back reincarnated as global warming, maybe we can do the same with big hair. My beautiful wife kept her big hoop earrings just in case.

Leave it to me to look for the good in anything.


A fellow patriot said...

Hello Chuck,

My name is Mark Burdick, and I stumbled across you site looking for the "Vote themselves mony" quote from Ben Franklin. I must say we are kindred spirits. I like you are completely fed up with the FED and doing what I can to save our Nation.

I love this bit on climate change. I too thought is was strange that one day they stopped using the words Global Warming, and changed it to the current name. I suspect it will change again if needs be. I remember back in the 1970's when they were talkinmg about Global Cooling. "Were headed for another ice age" they said wringing their hands together with a worried look on their faces. We were also runiing out of electricity. Like we mine for it or something. Last time I checked we produced electricity! Oh wait! We don't produce anything here anymore.

I look forward to reading more.

Sincerely, Mark

LouieB said...

Chuck, I like the way you think. Part of the problem is that media only gets viewership with hype. News is no longer "newsworthy" it must be "hype worthy". Just like the web, if it's not new and fresh it is ignored. I wonder how much "conspiracy" is really "information theory". Information theory tells us that the information is inversely related to the frequency or probability. The less frequent, the less probable, the more "interesting".