Friday, July 11, 2008

This Story is Disturbing on soooo Many Different Levels

Oh yeah, you are going to love this one. This is a 7- year old kid that swiped his grandmother’s keys off the counter, stole her SUV, and went for a ride with a buddy. In the process, he hit several cars and wrecked the SUV before being apprehended by the Police. Yeah, he was pretty scared alright. You are just going to love the answer he gave when asked about his motive in stealing the car. I will give you 3 guesses. Oh come on…it will be fun.
a) “I learned about the combustion engine in school and wanted to see how it compared to the hybrid.”
b) “I noticed my Dad left his lunch on the counter when he left for work and I just wanted to take it to him.”
c) “I just wanted to do hood rat things with my friend.”

Click this link for the answer along with the other disturbing observations to this story. When you are done watching the video, read on.

Did you get the answer to my quiz? Dang you’re good!

So how many disturbing things hit you while watching the video? He was mad at his Mother so he swiped an SUV? I don’t blame him for being mad at his Mother. She gave custody of her son to her Mother who is too scared to spank a 7-year old for stealing her SUV and wrecking four other vehicles. Of course, Grandma gets extra stupid points for putting those sweet rims on a Dodge Durango. Now, I would really like to think that Mom forfeited custody as a practical matter while away at Harvard Law School, but the interview just doesn’t cover it. Regardless, the Cop goes on to speak to the boy in a similar tone as my 8 year old Daughter’s Sunday school teacher. Of course, we all know the Cop would have been fired if he had yelled at him. When the sissy speaking Cop informed him that his “Grandmother was going to have to pay for those cars,” Latarian responded, “Can my Mom help out?” In all seriousness, that is the heartbreaker. Out of everything in this story, however, my favorite part is the reporter wrapping up at the end. He explained that although Latarian is being charged, there is no juvenile facility that can accommodate a 7-year old. Okay, that part I understand, however, the reporter goes on to state, “the Police say they want to get him into the system so they can get him some type of help.” Perfect! That will straighten this kid out. The Government! How pathetic of a future does this poor kid have? His Mom is out of the picture, his Grandma is an idiot, and the Government is going to step in and “get him some help.”
You are probably not going to believe this, but after I wrote the comments above, I decided to do some Google searches on cute little Latarian to see if there may be some updates (the SUV incident occurred a few months ago). You know, since the Government was going to give him some help with his problems, I figured I would find him on the school website after receiving high honors for his project on global warming, gun control, oil company profits, or the need for a national heath care system. Unfortunately, that is not the case. A few weeks later, poor little misunderstood Latarian beat up his Grandma in the local Wal-Mart. Why? Because she wouldn’t buy him chicken wings! Okay, I know his Grandma is stupid, but the chicken wings at Wal-Mart are not all that great so I am pretty sure she didn’t deserve to get beat up by a 7-year old. Here is the news link:

No conclusions here, other than disbelief and sadness. If we were to do a “Where Are They Now” T.V. special 20 years from now on children who made the news, what do you think the story on Latarian will look like? Do you think he will still be doing “hood rat things with his friend?”

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