Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West is a Racist and Jimmy Carter is a Jackass

How can I make such an accusation? I don’t even know him, right? He hasn’t said anything racist, right? It doesn’t matter. West publicly disrespected a cute little country singing white girl. According to Jimmy Carter and Liberal New York Times Communist…I mean…Columnist Maureen Dowd, this is a racist act.
In case you missed it, former President and current worst President in American history Jimmy Carter commented that an “overwhelming portion” of criticism towards President Obama is based on race. The Liberals cannot help but throw down a race card every chance they get. The Black Caucus has followed suit (sometimes I forget we have a Black Caucus, but the liberals keep reminding me we have a black President. Otherwise, I wouldn’t think about it….which burns them up). I suppose Liberals cannot stand the fact that Congressman Wilson has become an overnight hero to the right. His campaign contributions have skyrocketed and people are driving around with “You Lie” bumper stickers. Dowd fails to bring up in her article that the Democrats booed George W. Bush during his 2005 State of the Union Address. At the time, even Ted Koppel called it unprecedented. Truthfully, it wasn’t unprecedented because the Republicans booed Bill Clinton just a few years earlier. The common thread is that they all deserved it! Just when President Obama says something in which I can agree, he doesn’t publicly acknowledge it. Come on PREZ…work with me here! Kanye West IS a Jackass, but so is Jimmy Carter.

In all honesty, all of this Kanye West business is why I do not watch Academy’s, Grammy’s, CMT’s…BET’s….SOB’s, etc. So go buy their albums, see their movies, whatever, but who really cares beyond their work? I absolutely could not care less. I just don’t get it. So give some idiot a microphone who is a rap “artist” and listen to him announce the nominees for the Best Single by a Black Female Performing Artist? Just so Jackass Jimmy doesn’t label me a racist, I couldn’t care less about the Best 5 Tooth Havin Redneck Performing Artist either. Again, buy their albums and see their movies, but don’t let them be a real person…unless they can act like one. By the way, I am willing to bet we have more Americans viewing these ridiculous awards than vote in Congressional elections.

Now for some random, quality rants.....

Let’s talk Taxes….
I really do not see how so many ignorant Americans can continue to go on believing that the federal government gives tax breaks to the wealthy. And yet, this is the popular belief among many Americans. The latest 2007 figures from the IRS were published about a month or so ago (yes, it takes them that long to crunch the numbers…after all, we are talking about the federal government here). Here are the facts and I didn’t get them from FOX News.
The top 1% of taxpayers officially paid 40.4% of total federal income taxes collected (the greatest imbalance in the history of America). Moreover, people in this top 1% only earned 22.8% of taxable income. Does that sound “fair?” Just to put it in perspective, when I graduated high school in 1987, the top 1% paid 24.8% of taxes collected. You may think that only the likes of Oprah Winfrey fall into this top 1%. Well, think again. You only have to earn $410,000 a year to be in this top 1%. Yes, certainly a lot of money, but not even close to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Al Gore. Remember that a large percentage of this top 1% are small business owners offering no distinction between adjusted gross income and business income.
In summary, the top 1% carries more of the load than the bottom 95%. In spite of these facts, the liberals will continue to demonize the wealthy and raise their taxes so that everyone pays their “fair share.” Absolutely mindboggling.

It’s time for me to pick on the Muslims for a while. I am fully aware that not all Muslims are Terrorists. On the other hand, all Terrorists are Muslims.

The peaceful, loving, caring religion of Islam will issue 40 lashes to this woman in Sudan for wearing pants in public, which is strictly forbidden under Islamic law. I must admit, those ankle covering pants get in the way of using the foot baths we have been installing in American airports. Well, maybe those footbaths are just for the men, which would be just fine under Islamic Law.

Here is a Muslim woman who will get 6 rattan lashes in Malaysia for drinking beer. Because of the deep compassion exhibited by the Islamic faith, officials have decided to wait until after Ramadan to administer her punishment. I guess the Muslim equivalent of Mardi Gras isn’t much fun. Geez, can you imagine what the punishment would have been if she would have been wearing pants when she threw back that beer? Maybe President Obama can get her off the hook by apologizing for American arrogance and then hold a beer summit. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

Mohammed would be proud of the father of a 10 year old girl who has offered her up to an 80 year old husband. After all, it is well documented that Mohammed had a wife that was also a child. Where are the women’s rights protesters? Come on “NOW”…..where are you? I guess NOW would rather denounce some billboard picture depicting an adult model with a short skirt than come to the defense of a 10 year old molestation victim at the risk of criticizing Muslims. I hate to sound so opinionated about Muslims. Funny thing is that I didn’t really know much about them until they attacked our country and killed thousands of civilians for the sake of Allah.,2933,543060,00.html


StandUp4URConstitution said...

The only part about your rant I didn't care for was the use of the word racist. I don't believe the rapper is a racist, he's prejudice. Our general society, including learned congressmen, use this word as if they don't know the definition.

Cherie said...

Hey Chuck! I agree with what your saying and feel that there are a few generations of American's that need to go back to school to learn everything they either forgot or just didn't care to learn.

Understanding is the key, following a desire to watch and learn what is truly happening in our world today. Everything, in one way or another effects us and our children and the future of America.

I am not happy with "our" President nor did I vote for him (as you know). Not because of his color but because I didn't and still don't agree with his values and so much more!

And Carter...please... He is just talking to keep himself in the view of the people. Not because he actually has anything worth saying or hearing!

I know, harsh words coming from me but this is how I feel!

Now, I would love to hear your thoughts on Obama wanting to draw closer relations between America and the Muslim world at the expense of Israel. This one has me fired up, but not surprised!