Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Much Ignorance...So Little Time

The polls are slipping for the Chosen One. I must admit that I would probably enjoy it if it were not for the irrevocable damage that is being inflicted upon our country. After his first year in office, the President’s approval rating in the Gallup Poll is 47%, the lowest first year rating of any American President since the measure began. To be fair, the President had a close competitor for that low of the low at 49% after his first year in office. Care to guess who it is? Okay, you won’t get it right so I will tell you. It was Ronald Reagan. Do you think they will finish the same? I highly doubt it.

Okay, help me out here folks. I am trying to figure out if Obama believes the $700 Billion TARP funds were to bailout the big, bad, evil banks, or if it was to clean up their mistakes from which the "American people are still suffering." Now, if you are one of those American’s who still have an Obama bumper sticker on your car (razor blades work nicely), or perhaps you are a Grandmother (a typical white woman) who still believes in your grandson no matter how rotten he has become, please help me understand why the liberal media will not call BS on this guy? Now to be fair, as the polls continue to slip on the Chosen One, the liberal media seems to be running shorter on stories of Obama miracles. Of course, there is still a chance he will walk across the Atlantic on the way to his next apology tour.

December 4th, 2008 - "Part of what our message to the banks is, the taxpayers were there for you to clean up your mistakes," Obama said. "You now have a responsibility to be there for the community now that we're bearing the brunt of a lot of these problems that you caused."

On December 8th, Obama stated that the $700 billion bank-bailout fund, or TARP, was "launched hastily under the last administration" and was "flawed." (If you still have that Obama bumper sticker, you probably do not even remember or know that he voted for the bailout as senator in October 2008).

On December 13th, the eve before he was set to meet with top bank executives, 60 Minutes aired an interview with Obama. In the interview, he appeared a little frustrated and said, "I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street."

Then on December 14th, he said, "America's banks received extraordinary assistance from American taxpayers to rebuild their industry and now that they're back on their feet we expect an extraordinary commitment from them to help rebuild our economy.”

Are you confused? Yup…me too. So, when he voted for it, was he helping the Fat Cat Bankers or was he helping the American people? By the way, don’t get this confused with the bailout of GM to help support the voters…I mean the Unions (I hate it when I slip like that). And so now Obama is pressing the banks to make loans to people (small businesses) with questionable financial stability. Sound familiar? Something similar started in the 70’s under the Carter Administration and later greatly expanded under the Clinton Administration. It is called the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and was the springboard which eventually culminated in a glut of bad loans in the market place. Yes…I know…greed, greed, greed…..blah blah blah. All societies have greed. They have it in Socialist countries too. The only difference is the people in the Socialist countries are trying to figure out how they can greed their way to getting an extra ration of toilet paper rather than a few extra million dollars. Which greedy place would you rather live? If you are reading this then you have made your choice.

Healthcare “reform.” Puke. Okay, let’s “reform” the most effective and technologically advanced healthcare in the entire world. Some of us know this is not about our health and it is not about helping people. It is about wealth redistribution and government control over as many lives as possible. I have included a link to a sound bite from a 1961 recording of Ronald Reagan, who was a civilian at the time. Many of us young folks (a small stretch) don’t even realize that socialized medicine was a threat in the early 60’s just like it is today. Unfortunately, the effort by the government bureaucrats who want to control our lives will now be more successful than it was in the 60’s. The clip is about 10 minutes long, but well worth the time. Raise the flag, put your hand over your heart, and listen to the voice of the last truly great President of our country.

If you do not support Health Care “reform”, you are a racist.
This according to Senator Harry Reid (aka Dingy Harry). Once considered by some (not me) to be stable and reliable, Senator Reid has increased his rhetoric in recent years. Hey, maybe he and Jimmy Carter have been eating from the same cookware (a little “lead pot theory” joke for you history buffs). Senator Reid has compared the Republicans who oppose health care “reform” to those who attempted to stop the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Rights Amendment. Ummmm…it seems to me that Senator Strom Thurmond, who at the time was a Democrat, led the charge to filibuster the Civil Rights Act. In any case, this is the same old worn out liberal tactic. If you oppose us, you are a racist, bigot, sexist, etc. This is absolutely pathetic folks. There is also a major point that many folks are missing in Reid’s statement. He is also drawing the distinction that Health Care is a basic human right. The only problem is that the Government does not grant human rights. The government protects them under the constitution. Does the Government grant to you your freedom? No, the Government protects your freedom…..or at least it is supposed to protect it. Of course, your average ignoramus American believes the constitution grants them the right to vote in Presidential elections.

Here is another good one. Al Gore (you know…the guy that “invented the internet”) has been busted inventing something else…..FACTS! This is not the first time, but it is just so blatantly obvious that I have to laugh. In his speech to the Copenhagen climate change summit, Mr. Gore proclaimed that “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr. Maslowski that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.” Even most of the Global Warming Scientist will admit that Dr. Maslowski is on the outer fringe of the global warming wackos. Dr. Maslowski, who is a complete nut job himself, was baffled by Al Gore’s comments. He replied, “...I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this,” he said. “It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at, based on the information I provided to Al Gore’s office.” And to think this guy came within a few dangling chads of being our President.

Trying Terrorist as U.S. Civilians
Our Commander in Chief has rendered a decision that will prove to be a major setback in our war on terrorism (by the way, did you know that we are not supposed to call it the “war on terror anymore?” Listen to the President when he talks about it….he won’t use the term and neither will his administration).

Bringing people to justice. What does it mean? Many of us have different views of justice ranging from a fair trial and possible acquittal, to a public execution without a trial of any kind. Opinions run the gamut depending upon an individual’s proximity either physically or emotionally to the events of 9/11. I think we would be hard pressed to find many family members of victims of 9/11 who would be in favor of a criminal trial for alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Did you catch that? I just referred to his despicable actions as “alleged.” Pay attention folks. As the liberal media works overtime to salvage the presidency of the Messiah, they will begin to lay the ground work for a possible acquittal. They will begin to attack the evidence and eventually question whether or not Mohammed truly is the mastermind behind the attacks. At the end of the blame game will be George 43 and Dick Cheney.
Folks, let’s not forget that Obama doesn’t really believe that America is completely blameless for the attacks of 9/11. Just like his Pastor of 20 years, he believes our wicked ways caught up with us. In the end, we will have a weaker America.

“Come on Chuck,” you may say. “Stop picking on the guy already.” I am not picking on the President, but rather his decisions. If I were picking on him, I would mention the arrogant way he holds his nose in the air while his fans cheer and applaud…..oopps, NOW I am picking on him.
Do you still have that Obama bumper sticker on your car?

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