Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Day Comrade!

Greetings Comrades; It’s time we start using the right lingo
Well, I haven’t talked much about the Federal Government hijacking our health care. I cannot think of anything that has not been said a million times. Just understand this is not about “better” health care or providing health care to those who do not have it. It is about government control and wealth redistribution. There is not a single thing in this country the government has run better than the private sector….ever! Anything the Federal Government has ever set out to “fix” has resulted in failure and at a cost many times the original estimate to boot. Many Americans are too complacent, apathetic, and downright ignorant to realize we have just taken the final step on the path toward Socialism. One day, they will realize the magnitude of this government take over and they won’t be able to blame George Bush.

Let’s do some simple logic.
Q: Why has health care become such a hot topic in a country with the best health care in the world?
A: Because the cost of health care continues to rise disproportionately to our income.

Q: Why has the cost of health care risen disproportionately to our income?
A: There are several reasons for this. Our health care has unmistakably become more advanced through the years. Open heart surgery is a routine surgery today (unless it is your heart), whereas years ago you were just sent home to die. While the cost of a funeral rivals that of open heart surgery, it is a onetime cost that we all must pay at some point regardless of when we die. Knowing that we all must pay for a funeral at some point, open heart surgery is an added expense, which did not previously exist in our health care “system.” The same illustration can be drawn for countless medical procedures today. One could argue that better care in a more advanced world simply cost more than before. The capitalist in me says that the laws of supply and demand forces these prices back down, but they sure seem to get sticky on the way down. Our automobiles are way more technologically advanced than years ago. As a result, it cost way more to maintain them when they break. I don’t recall my parents ever mentioning we had to buckle down this month because the Impala needed a new motherboard.

The second reason health care cost have risen dramatically is on the back of your phone book (unless you ordered the CD version this year). Trial lawyers! This actually has two important facets that has been the primary driver of rising healthcare costs. Plain and simple….malpractice insurance. The average Doctor pays anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 per year for medical malpractice insurance. Unfortunately, the average American thinks that Doctors are filthy rich and can pay for this as easily as the Federal Government pays for…well...anything. Since the average American suffers from Wealth Envy, an infliction in which we have not yet developed a cure, this does not bother them. The other very important impact from all of this (with the help of the lawyers) is the practice of defensive medicine. Some have estimated that hundreds of billions of dollars are needlessly spent every year due to the defensive posture on the part of Doctors to order a full scale battery of tests, even though they are very confident the patient is fine without them. Why? Lawsuits. Plain and simple.

Most people under 60 do not know that their parents actually paid for all routine health care. The Doctor came to the home and performed a service and mailed a bill later to be paid. Insurance was only for significant unplanned illnesses such as a surgery or lengthy treatment. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, Insurance companies began to emerge by offering plan members better rates because they negotiated lower rates with the care providers in exchange for exclusive agreements to steer business in their direction. All of this, combined with guaranteed and prompt payment, made for a beautiful relationship between insurance companies and health care providers. Keep in mind patients still paid their own way, but at a negotiated rate (sort of like Costco, Sam’s, or B.J.’s). They were still insured, however, only for serious costly illness requiring very large expenditures. Then, some wise businessman (just men in those days ladies….I can’t even make an effort to be PC right here), came up with the idea that they could offer a health insurance plan as a benefit to employees at a time when the Federal Government had frozen all wage increases. This, in effect, provided a non-taxable raise to employees. Interestingly, this was a maneuver concocted by none other than Unions!

The Community Organizer turned President would have you believe that evil insurance companies are to blame for rising health care costs. Take a guess at the average profit margin for the health insurance industry in the most recent Fortune 500 report? 18%? Maybe even 20%? Nope. Try 2.2%. By comparison, the Pharmaceutical industry averaged 19.3% and the Medical Products/Equipment industry averaged 16.3%. Of course, it is hard to demonize a company that produces heart catheters or pills, but everyone hates dealing with insurance companies.

Muslim Woman are movin’ on up in Saudi
Wow. Such a huge step forward for Muslim women in the world of human rights. Not only does Saudi Arabia now allow female lawyers to step inside a courtroom, they are now permitted to actually argue a case in court. Talk about your progressive Muslim countries. I don’t know folks. Next thing you know they will be showing their ankles and insisting that they sit on the same bench as the Male attorneys….total mayhem. I still cannot figure out where there is no public outcry in our country over how Muslim countries treat woman.

Folks…this is why I have been telling you the Global Warming Nut Jobs have starting using the term “Climate Change”
So the embattled and former head of the research center, Phil Jones that was at ground zero of the Climate-gate scandal has admitted there has been no global warming in the last 15 years. Did the liberal mainstream media report on this? Nope. By the way – if you haven’t noticed, I try to post links from the typical liberal media outlets. It takes away the liberal argument of bias (isn’t that calling the kettle…well, you get the idea). You would think that they would at least make an effort to report the interview and spin it in their typical liberal fashion. Unfortunately for them, there is no pro-global warming spin you can place on this story. Jones even left open the notion that the earth could have been warmer in mid-evil times. All I can say is…DUDE! That completely destroys any notion that global warming is manmade. Like I have said before…there is no global warming. Even if I concede there is global warming, there is zero evidence to suggest it is manmade.

I know that some of you who are reading this drank the global warming juice a long time ago. Maybe you trust Al Gore (which is why you voted for him). Perhaps you feel that God has entrusted this precious plant to our care and we need to do our part. I certainly agree with you on the later, but not the former. I am not sure if Al Gore believes in global warming as much as he believes he invented the internet, or if he is just plain crazy. If you haven’t noticed, he has all but been in hiding since the climate gate story broke. He will be back out soon….angry and crazy as ever. And to think he was a few hundred dangling chads and one loyal brother away from being our president.

Now THAT’S a Fire!
Hey, remember that woman that falsely accused the Duke University lacrosse players for rape and ruined their lives? Well, it seems as though she beat up her boyfriend and made a bonfire out of his wardrobe. Hopefully, the District Attorney will believe his story.

It pains me to bring it up, but when a porn star is involved….
This is my mention of Tiger just so everyone knows I didn’t forget to bring it up. I couldn’t care less, but I MUST mention the story about the former porn star and self professed Tiger mistress demanding an apology from Tiger with her attorney Gloria Allred (the biggest slime ball attorney since the last meeting of O. J.’s Dream Team) by her side. She says she gave up a lucrative career in porn to be Tiger’s mistress. She also said that Tiger told her “I Love You.” Now isn’t this a switch? You guys ever remember a pal in school that told you about the stripper that really liked him and how he was different to her than the others? I wonder if she had a fist full of $1 bills when he told her he loved her. Naaaa…I doubt that would do it for him. Of course, she definitely had something he wanted. By the way, please don’t waste your time viewing this entire 13 minute video……it’s bad enough you are wasting your time reading this blog.

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, then this Video is worth $100 Million from Obama’s Budget
Now THIS is a video worth your while. It is only 1-2 minutes and is a perfect illustration of the impact of the Obama “cuts” to the budget. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how anyone can look someone in the eye (T.V. cameras….through a teleprompter) and talk about financial responsibility when you have allowed the Congress to increase our national debt by $3.8 Trillion in only 1 year. For the record, the Bush administration allowed the Congress to increase our national debt by $4 Trillion…but it took them 8 years to do it. And I thought I was upset about that! http://www.wimp.com/budgetcuts/

It’s Not Like they are Making ‘em Fight or Anything
PETA has their thong in a wad over a long standing tradition at a Nevada high school to raise funds. They play basketball while riding on donkeys. It reminds me when my high school gym teacher told me to get my “ass off the court.”

Yet Another Way to Punish Wealth
If your child performs sufficiently well on a special test to be considered gifted in Clay County, Florida, you had better be poor if you want him or her to be accepted to the gifted program. It seems as though children with lower test scores are given preferential entry into the gifted program if they are “less fortunate.” This isn’t even a case of “tie goes to the poor kid.” It is actually a sliding scale based upon income. The higher the family income, the higher the kid must score to be accepted. It is sort of like Affirmative Action, except it’s based on income and not race. What is it about our society that propels us to punish prosperity? Wealth envy at its best. http://www.news4jax.com/news/22617540/detail.html

“Help a Guy out in need?” “Sorry pal, I would love to buy you a sandwich, but I don’t have a license.”
It may soon be illegal to give that homeless guy a sandwich in Miami. Pointing to litter in the street, city officials want to require good Samaritans to get a license before feeding the homeless. If you have been into the city of Miami lately, you would agree that litter from the homeless is the least of their worries. The local homeless shelters agree with the city that those who feed the homeless may not have proper food handling techniques. Okay…now the light is going on! This is not about litter folks; it is about controlling people’s lives, which is what government loves to do. Wouldn’t you think the local homeless shelters would applaud such generosity to their clients? Not when it is competition. This hurts their numbers. Lower numbers mean less funding and local support. What would the employees of the homeless shelter do if they actually stamped out homelessness? They wouldn’t have a job. The message is the same as always from government; get involved but don’t get crazy with it. This is why it is a fact that Liberals give less to charitable causes than conservatives. They expect the government to do it and so they can shirk their moral responsibility.

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